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Market Data Diligence (MDD)

Competitive Intelligence, Due Diligence and Risk Analysis

MDD provide facts and analysis that help companies to make critical business decisions when exploring new markets, improving for the operational efficiencies or simply seeking expansion through mergers and acquisition.

In an ever-changing global economy, strategic growth requires an intimate understanding of marketplaces, geography and cultural nuances. Our consultants take a hands-on approach to research through open sources, data bases and field investigations.


Intelligence is power

MDD was born out of the professional need to fulfil a gap in competitive intelligence business into the local markets. We have developed the right tool for all company’s development plans that traditional consulting organizations do not cover and that would give the ultimate edge on their competitors.


Intelligence process

The data and information you may need is already out there. Sometime is hidden on the web in a complex database, sometime through a special request, or simply in a different language. MDD utilizes a vast array of primary and secondary tools to collect all necessary information from open sources, information you will need to support strategic decisions


Intelligence insights

Unfortunately, is not enough to have data. Once you have it you need to interpret it in a way that empowers you to act in the right directions. We dig deep into your competitor mind to build up a profile of their characteristics, action and behavior for you to be able to make the correct business decisions.

Our Services

This fact-based intelligence process produce insight that go beyond traditional research, culminating in key findings and strategic recommendations to make actionable decisions.

Competitive Intelligence

Find all the layers of any successful business, from finances and investments, to organizational structure, how the products and the ecosystem of the competition are being developed and how he clients are loyal.

Due Diligence & Risk

To keep your commercial integrity, we’ve contracted specialists with a rich history and multiple achievements. Due diligence gives you particular investigations, tracking and surveillance.

Business information Services

Information sits at the basis of any financial investment and represents the advantage on the competitive market. All our efforts will materialize in the direction your company wants to follow.

Media Analysis

Our Media Intelligence team monitor all media coverage that is relevant to your organizations, In Romania and International, from newspaper, social media and on-line media.