Business information Services

Information about new opportunities and latest marketing strategies

Do you want to have the ultimate in business advantage over your competitors? MDD gives you this advantage, absolute information about new opportunities, the latest marketing strategies and changing trends across the industry.

Information sits at the basis of any financial investment and represents the advantage on the competitive market. All our efforts will materialize in the direction your company wants to follow. The research that MDD offers is fast, rigorous, and provided by the best-trained experts in every field of analysis on the market, we work with a team of economic and legal analysts to assess any change that would impact your company.


Market & Industry Intelligence

The market and its industries require an impartial and objective view, which is why MDD provides to your sales team with the necessary support to know exactly what is happening with sales and distribution channels, which are the most useful strategies, customer segments, products map, competing companies. If you want to increase your market share, we have the necessary information.

Employee & Organization Screening

Do you want to create the perfect working environment within your company? The best-trained HR specialists guarantee the MDD method of profiling and analysis of employees and potential employees. We will conduct rigorous research to reduce the recruitment risk, validate professional experience and especially competencies acquired so that each employee can add value to your company.

Investment Intelligence & Pricing Studies

How can you get access to the knowledge of the best specialists in the finance and investment market? Through Investment intelligence & pricing studies, you will be able to take actions in new areas, hold a lower credit risk, or improve your team’s research capabilities, setting pricing across multiple business lines. This option matches to the profile of a successful entrepreneur.

Customer profiling

Customer profiling helps you understand the dynamics of the competition in the market to be able to adopt the right strategy, whether offensive or defensive. Fold your existing or potential new customers’ needs with a number of proactive actions: find out what the basic need is, what are the preferences for choosing a product and why, discover the probability to shift to a new product and the right action for you attract them.