Competitive Intelligence

Identify your competition, analyze in detail

Competitive Intelligence – the key to success

You need Competitive Intelligence! Is your competition always winning? You need to know how to educate yourself, invest, improve your practices and use all the right strategies to be able to position yourself as a market leader. If you are the winner, you must always be informed.

Your company needs a multilateral, methodical and rigorous research and Market Data Diligence (MDD) offers you competitive intelligence, an innovative analysis in Romania that will harness information about products, services and any other details about the business environment. Find all the layers of any successful business, from finances and investments, to organizational structure, how the products and the ecosystem of the competition are being developed and how he clients are loyal.


Competitive analysis

Who is your competition? Any company that threatens your income. Identify your competition, analyze it in detail, and then set the absolute win-win strategy. Competitive analysis will show you what the competition will do in the future, where they will try to undermine you and what you can do to fight back. It is your compass in the ultimate business race.

Competitive benchmark

How can you learn and implement the strengths of the competition in your own portfolio? Adopt better practices and develop with the perfect rhythm, knowing what is happening in the competition with human capital, from developing product prototypes, to customer satisfaction and to negotiate with suppliers.

Competitive strategy

Competitive strategy gives you the absolute advantage. Before entering the market with your own sales plan, first learn the strategies of others. The result will be a better positioning. You can anticipate the shortcomings of your own offers and also foresee the competitors’ demands. Applying for this program, you will find out how competitors find customers, where they are allocated marketing expenses, the right sales strategy and the pricing plan.

Competitive landscape

Knowing a major competitor is not enough. You have to have a 360 ° view of the whole market and competitive landscape reveals the shortcomings it is trying to cover, the intentions of launching new products and the key points of attack. You will know every connected business entity, from suppliers, to the final customer.

Competitor monitoring

Competitor monitoring is the necessary tool for creating a profile of all the characteristics and behavior of your competition. Understand the reasoning behind any decision taken by your competition and no move will be a surprise to you. Following this monitoring, you will be able to predict any movement of your competition.