Due Diligence & Risk analysis

Minimizes the strategic, financial and operational risks of your company

MDD employees - a team of professional experience in conducting significant investigation in Due Diligence and Risk analysis, services that is more than traditional financial and tax analysis. True value and data are difficult to obtain, everywhere you might look there is contradictory information that prevents you from getting an overall and realistic picture when you look on new commercial and investment opportunities.

To keep your commercial integrity, we’ve contracted specialists with a rich history and multiple achievements. Due diligence gives you particular investigations, tracking and surveillance. We discover any admissible evidence by discussing with key people, identifying any risk component in acquiring a company or expanding into new business ventures.

Due Diligence & Risk analysis

Independent investigation & Examinations

Investigation are based on the client’s specific needs relative to a specific risk and supplements the clients owns internal efforts. Most common fears among any companies are represented by financial fraud, cyber-attacks, fake stories and reality distortion. MDD experts handle a wide range of complex and sensitive investigations both locally and internationally on all open sources information’s. MDD combines investigative skills with specialized knowledge.

Organizational & Third-Party Associate DD

Protecting your organization’s reputation, integrity and financial security when expanding into new business ventures is crucial. MDD team provide a correct and complex audit, so that managerial decisions are most efficient. Our team can discreetly conduct investigations of relevant parties such as business owners, affiliates, borrower’s customers and investors. We analyze all the legal records, media appearances, sanctions and political ties of all people of interest

M&A Strategy

M & A strategy is an option that focuses on merger, acquisition and alliances policy of a company. Mergers, acquisitions and alliances are common to all organizations. However, most of these initiatives fail due to poor due diligence work or inadequate risk analysis. M & A Due Diligence minimizes the strategic, financial and operational risks of your company. Our comprehensive due diligence services will help your organizations to identify and evaluate targets of interest, understand the potential targets, avoid fraud mispresentation and legal exposure and ultimately minimize your company’s risk profile.